Management team

Maddy Desforges

Chief Executive Officer

I love bringing people together to develop and share ideas, and turn them into action. 
My role as CEO at VAS allows me to do just that!  My role is externally focussed on understanding and supporting voluntary and community organisations across the city, and internally focussed on VAS to make sure the organisation does the right things. 

In my spare time I love having fun with my family and riding my bike.

Telephone: 0114 2536607


Helen Sims

Business Growth Manager

I’m a great listener, naturally inquisitive and really like doing new things. I’m a great person to bat ideas around with. I’m told I ask good questions!

My background is in business development, first in the private sector and for the last 13 years in the third sector, working for national charities and social housing.

I’m a trained facilitator and tend to build trust and rapport well with others.
Good design is really important to me in everything I do and I think in quite a visual way and have been known to draw the odd sketch to explain things.

So as business growth manager at VAS I look at how we deliver services now and in the future. I’m a survivor of financial constraint and have the scars to prove it- I believe that innovation is always possible but often like to test things out first.

Telephone: 01142 536605


Rachael West

Facilities & Buildings Manager

I am Facilities and Building Manager and look after the Circle. I’m pretty much an all-rounder with a huge amount of experience in the running of facilities. Being organised means I can ensure that things run smoothly. I get huge satisfaction from knowing that The Circle is a welcoming place for the voluntary sector and beyond and that there is a diverse range of people using our facilities. What I enjoy most is knowing that people have enjoyed their time at The Circle and that they want to come back.

Telephone: 01142 536664


Paul Harvey

Volunteer Centre Manager

I am really motivated to challenge inequalities and recognise how much of a privilege it is that I get to do this in my day job.
I love seeing people develop and grow and my role has been in empowerment and addressing structural inequalities that inhibit this. I have done this through direct 1-1 work with refugees and asylum seekers in previous roles and now try to carry this same approach in to management and strategic development by working to create environments or projects where this can happen.
I am one of the founder members and Trustee of ASSIST Sheffield, am involved in a community church and enjoy getting out to the peaks, riding my bike and being with my family.

Telephone: 01142 536648


Marge Wiltshire

Professional Services Manager

My name is Marge Wiltshire and I have been employed at VAS since 2001. My time here has included working on funded projects and income generating projects. I currently manage the professional services team and provide Human Resources support, as well as general organisational development support. I love the challenge and variety my role offers me but most of all I love the people I come into contact with on a daily basis and hope that in a small way I am helping them deliver the fantastic range of services they offer. I see myself as a can do person and I will always help if I can

Telephone: 01142 536604


Alison McCrave

Payroll Manager

I have been VAS Payroll Manager since 1997 and my role is to help clients comply with legislation and support them with any payroll issues. My skills include attention to detail and the ability to be organised, both useful when trying to meet payroll deadlines. I put my expertise to good use on a HMRC consultation panel to try to improve the HMRC experience for employers.

Telephone: 0114 253 6621


Liz Dingle

Finance Manager

When I was younger I travelled about quite a bit but when I moved to Sheffield in 2000, I didn’t want to leave! I have worked in the charity sector for 21 of the last 27 years (the time in between mostly being spent training as an accountant). I see my role as making the finances as straightforward as possible so that staff can concentrate on doing what they do best – delivering services. I love spending time with people, understanding their work and feeling that I have contributed to making it happen, if only in a small way.

Telephone: 01142 536608