Helen Sims

Business Growth Manager

We’re stronger together.  That is true now more than ever as the impact of austerity escalates.  Our sector delivers significant services for Sheffield, and enables communities to take action about the things which matter most.  We bring together assets – time, skills, buildings, open spaces – to achieve that.

We need to work together to tell the story of what we do, to enable decision makers to see the impact of our action.  Understanding need, taking control of our stories, demonstrating impact are all key to the voluntary and community sector, and working in partnership we can do those things much more effectively.

Healthwatch Sheffield is your local
consumer watchdog for health and social care services.


Volunteer Centre Sheffield work with the voluntary, community & public sectors, supporting organisations to develop volunteering opportunities and their volunteering programmes

Cohesion Sheffield's vision is to make our city a place where everyone feels welcome and valued, in a community where everyone is treated with dignity & respect.

Counterculture provides legal support for cultural, educational and creative organisations to plan, manage and thrive.

SYFAB helps voluntary and community groups find the funding they need.

VAC has provided infrastructure support to its local communities. Since 2000 they have delivered a wide a range of successful projects to support the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in the Borough of Calderdale.

Community360 is an independent, charitable infrastructure organisation whose aim is to inspire groups to seize opportunities and become more enterprising and sustainable

Centre Supporting Voluntary Action is an independent support and development organisation set up to champion, support and strengthen local charities, voluntary & community groups.