Voice & influence

Vision for our city

Our vision for Sheffield is of a city where everyone has an equal chance to lead a fulfilling life, everyone shares the benefits of economic growth, and everyone feels they can influence what happens in their life and their community.



Volunteering Strategy

Our vision is that Sheffield is a city which values, promotes and engages volunteers and volunteering to make the city a better place to live and work.

This strategy, signals a starting point to bring together actions around volunteering in the widest context, with a strategy for a five year period.  It is supplemented by an Action Framework, where you can commit to specific actions to support the strategic goals. We will review progress each year.



Vision for our young people

At a time of political uncertainty one thing is coming through strongly: that our children and young people care deeply about our city and country; and they have a huge amount to offer. Their success will generate economic growth, prosperity, and the lives they lead will generate a fair, inclusive and welcoming society. But young people today are growing up in the context of public funding cuts, increasing demand on services, and a changing environment driven by social media.