The New Beginnings Project

Michele Ward

New beginnings project co-ordinator

The New Beginnings Project supports asylum seekers and refugees to integrate into Sheffield life, through volunteering, employment, education and mentoring. We provide a positive atmosphere and experience for our clients to feel respected and valued as members of the community.

We work with our clients on a one-to-one basis, linking them with external organisations to create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. We can provide your organisation with advice, information and the understanding of how to involve asylum seekers and refugees, as well as ongoing support to be able to do so.

Telephone: 0114 253 6655

How we work with you

We work closely with external organisations to match our clients to volunteering and employment opportunities that utilize their skills and experience. We assist our clients in accessing education and training opportunities, at all levels. We involve our clients as Mentors so they are able to provide peer support to others, and enhancing their own personal development.

We can support your organisation to include our clients and benefit from their involvement. Our clients can bring unique skills and experience to your organisation, increase diversity, enhance your awareness of other cultures, and help your organisation play its part in making Sheffield a welcoming place for asylum seekers and refugees.

With our knowledge of the asylum process we can help you understand the barriers that our clients face, but also provide a straightforward approach to overcoming them.

To be able to have a positive effect in our clients’ lives, we work with organisations from across the city and local area.

To find out how you can become one of our partners, and how our clients can enrich your organisation, please call 0114 2536655 to speak to a member of our team.