Volunteer Centre Team

Paul Harvey

Volunteer Centre Manager

I am really motivated to challenge inequalities and recognise how much of a privilege it is that I get to do this in my day job.
I love seeing people develop and grow and my role has been in empowerment and addressing structural inequalities that inhibit this. I have done this through direct 1-1 work with refugees and asylum seekers in previous roles and now try to carry this same approach in to management and strategic development by working to create environments or projects where this can happen.
I am one of the founder members and Trustee of ASSIST Sheffield, am involved in a community church and enjoy getting out to the peaks, riding my bike and being with my family.

Telephone: 01142 536648

email: p.harvey@vas.org.uk

Amala Anyika

Volunteering Coordinator

My experience in volunteer management, project and events management, marketing and customer service all comes in handy in my multi-faceted role. This also helps me to be empathetic in seeing other people’s points of view, and what drives them.

I find working with the Volunteer Centre Advisors rewarding, and enjoy empowering others to help people find out more about volunteering and making a difference.

In a galaxy far, far away I studied art and design. As a creative thinker at heart, I am able to solve problems in unique and innovative ways with a high attention to detail.

I am passionate about equal rights and fairness in society. I also care deeply about cats and squirrels, and hope that one day they can live together peacefully…I also do not take myself too seriously.

Telephone: 01142 536649

email: a.anyika@vas.org.uk

Moses Lutakome

New Beginnings - Volunteering Coordinator

I have been involved with the New Beginnings Project since November 2010. As Volunteer Coordinator and a good communicator on both client and organisational level, I posses the ability to empower people to make positive steps into volunteering for the first time.

It is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience. My great appreciation to all charity Organisations that open their doors to volunteer opportunities for our clients and the New Beginnings Team.

Telephone: 0114 253 6655

email: m.lutakome@vas.org.uk

Michele Ward

New Beginnings - Project Coordinator

I am the Project Lead for the New Beginnings Team. I have experience of working in the Voluntary Sector for nearly 10 years. My work involves empowering clients to reach their goals and aspirations, using innovative ways and creative thinking to arrange activities, events, courses and opportunities for clients. I work here because I like to see the difference the Project makes to people’s lives and I feel privileged to be part of such a kind, passionate and hardworking team.

Telephone: 0114 253 6739

email: m.ward@vas.org.uk

Rosie Chitty

New Beginnings - Mentor Coordinator

My name is Rosie and I have worked as the part-time Mentoring Coordinator for the New Beginnings Project since September 2016. I have managed projects for other charities since 1998. I currently work elsewhere, for two days a week, as the Skills Manager.
I really enjoy working at Voluntary Action Sheffield, I appreciate the amazing team that I work closely with and every day brings something new!
I am generally known for ‘bringing out the best in people’ and finding a creative solution when problems arise. My listening ear is always open and I do what I can to help!
If there were more days in the week, my hobbies would be walking, watching and making! I love driving, although, I have been intending to get an electric bike to use for work, but am now considering using a mobility scooter!

Telephone: 01142 536741

email: r.chitty@vas.org.uk

Nabil AlSoufi

New Beginnings - Work Coach

Although working with refugee directly is a new experience to me, I have been focusing on empowering all our clients here at the New Beginnings project. I have dedicated my experience of 13 years within the employment field to support our clients to be where they wish to be in the labour market. Through giving information, advice and guidance I have seen a positive and successful progress with a lot of clients we deal with. I believe my role is not just to find our client a job, it is all about supporting them to be able to start a “New Beginning” themselves in the UK as independent as possible.

Telephone: 01142 536374

email: n.alsoufi@vas.org.uk