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13th September 2017

Adult Social Care Services Redesign

The Locality Approach
From early September 2017, Adult Social Care is being restructured. There will be seven locality areas each being made up of a number of teams. In each team there will be a mix of roles, skills and experience to ensure that teams can support people effectively. This should result in a clearer pathway for people accessing social care advice, information and support. The general benefits to different customer groups are:

• Better information and access to support greater independence
• Better processes to support greater productivity (via less duplication, fewer hand-offs, greater focus on customer outcomes)
• Better signposting and joint working (including via a locality approach) to support greater prevention

The Teams
Locality Teams will be based in a range of locations across the City including Moorfoot, Love Street and Crystal Peaks. In addition to Locality Teams, a number of teams will operate centrally; this will be to support specific customers, cohorts or functions.

The 0-25 Teams will work closely with the Children, Young People and Families Service, managing the transition of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) customers with an Educational Health Care plan (EHC) as they become the legal responsibility of Adult Social Care at the point they become 18.

The Future Options Team will work with customers who have complex needs and are in a restrictive care settings, moving them to new models of care that promote independence.

The current Out of Hours team (OOH), Out of City function, Hospital based Screening function and the Health funded Specialist Social Workers will be brought together to form the basis of a Hospital and OOH Social Care Team. This ‘First Contact’ and Prevention teams will deliver a new Access model for calls and emails – unplanned social care contacts for new and known customers. More focused advice and information will be offered to people who ring the Access number, this should reduce the number of different council staff that customers have to speak to and reduce the length of time they have to wait for their query or problem to be resolved. This team will be based at Howden House and their contact number is: 0114 273 4567.

For more information visit the Sheffield Council website here

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