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18th July 2017

Schmapped is Here!

Shmapped is an app that allows you to map your city and measures your experiences as part of a study by IWUN (Improving Wellbeing Throuh Urban Nature) into the impact of urban living on our wellbeing. The aim of the study is touse the results to inform how urban spaces are designed for better wellbeing.

After downloading the app on your smartphone, Shmapped asks you for some basic information about yourself and your wellbeing. Once a day for one month you will be asked to notice your surroundings and write short notes about them and map the things that you have noticed.

Your answers and geographical location will be sent to our secure server. To collect and store this information for the purpose of the study, we will need your consent.  Please read the Information Sheet below to find out more about the app, the study and how you can get involved.

If you are able to use the app regularly and complete the questionnaires at the start and end, IWUN will give the first 1000 people to complete the chance to enter a prize draw to win a voucher ranging from £25 to £500.

To participate in the study you can download Shmapped from the app store or google play today!

Please see website for more information: http://iwun.uk/shmapped/

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