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At a time of political uncertainty one thing is coming through strongly: that our children and young people care deeply about our city and country; and they have a huge amount to offer. Their success will generate economic growth, prosperity, and the lives they lead will generate a fair, inclusive and welcoming society. But young people today are growing up in the context of public funding cuts, increasing demand on services, and a changing environment driven by social media.

The voluntary and community sector puts young people at the heart of what it does. Around 500 organisations in the city would identify their main activity as childcare/play/youth work. This is not insignificant from a sector that contributes £810m to the economy of the city, employs 17,000 people and delivers 140,000 interventions a week. The sector not only gives young people voice, and the ability to influence their communities, it delivers vital services which make a difference to people’s lives and futures.

Our Vision presents the outcomes that young people want and need, along with a snapshot of some of the activity being delivered every day in the city to meet that need. The voluntary and community sector on its own makes a significant contribution to enhancing young people’s lives. But we could do even more by working together across all sectors to develop a shared plan for Sheffield based on our shared knowledge and experience, that puts young people’s lived experiences and needs at its heart, and enables us all to work together more collaboratively.

The Vision for Young People can be found here

The Full Vision Document can be found here

Supporters of the vision

"I, Councillor Douglas Johnson, pledge my support for Sheffield’s Vision for Young People"

Councillor Douglas Johnson. City Ward, Sheffield (Green Party)

"I, Angela Smith, pledge my support for Sheffield’s Vision for Young People"

Angela Smith MP. Member of Parliament for Penistone and Stocksbridge (Labour Party)

"I, Paul Blomfield MP, pledge my support for Sheffield’s Vision for Young People"

Paul Blomfield MP. Member of Parliament for Sheffield Central (Labour Party)

"I Gill Furniss MP pledge my support for Sheffield’s Vision for Young People"

Gill Furniss MP. Member of Parliament for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough (Labour Party)


VAS is active in partnership and policy work locally to improve the quality of life for Sheffield’s communities. We also support the third sector to be involved in policy and partnerships and have a greater voice and influence in the city.

VAS is involved in the VCF Leadership Group.

In addition, VAS hosts Healthwatch Sheffield - the consumer champion for health and social care for adults, children and young people in the city.

VAS's Chief Executive, Maddy Desforges, is a voluntary and community sector representative on the Sheffield Executive Board, the strategic partnership for the city, ensuring that the sector is involved and engaged in strategic policy.


For more information about VAS's policy work contact:

Maddy Desforges, Chief Executive
Email Maddy 
or call 0114 253 6607.