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Become a trustee

Trustees are vitally important to the success of local organisations, and many Sheffield organisations are searching for trustees – could you be one?

Why become a trustee?

There are many reasons to volunteer as a trustee. For many people, the most important reasons is to make a positive contribution to their community and to support a cause they feel passionate about. But being a trustee gives you the chance to use your skills to support a good cause, and to develop your knowledge. You can gain experience in a range of areas, meet new people, learn new skills and have the opportunity to help lead an organisation. Experience as a trustee is highly regarded by many employers, and can really help with career development and progression.

What could I offer to a group?

Trustees play different roles from one organisation to another. Different organisations will be looking for different skills, experience and personal qualities when recruiting a trustee. You may have worked or volunteered in a particular field and have relevant knowledge or contacts to share. Perhaps you have a skill that the organisation needs, such as project management, financial expertise, knowledge of HR practice, marketing or fundraising. You may be a user of the organisation’s services and can tell them how well they are doing. By bringing your enthusiasm and experience to an organisation, you can make an enormous difference by becoming a trustee.

How can I become a trustee in Sheffield?

You can find information about trustee opportunities locally on the Sheffield Volunteer Centre website.

What about becoming a VAS trustee?

We are always delighted to hear from people who are interested in joining the VAS Board. Member organisations can nominate representatives to stand for election to VAS's Board at our AGM. Similarly, individuals interested in supporting VAS's mission and purpose can join as individuals and stand for Board membership. For more information, please contact us.

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